Hi, I am Borja Bernárdez and among many other things I´m photographer and media artist.

I used to work as a photographer in fashion retail companies, but a year ago, I decided to leave my comfort zone and take a path in search of authenticity.

I’m passionate about musicians who play from the depths of their inner self, actors and actresses who do not judge their characters and are fully involved in their lives, athletes who take to the extreme their passion and people who live their lives sincerely and completely authentic. I like to portray all this people with my camera and share some time with them to talk about the divine and the human.

I share my time as a photographer with the development of my career as a media artist. I am currently working on my own artistic works of image and sound and collaborating with musicians developing audiovisual shows with live visuals. I hope to be able to share with you these works soon.

Phone: +034 661 974 676